Look How Far I've Come

Wow, what the fuck. lol, Look how far I've come. Since my last post, freaking three years ago (don't judge me, I'm doing better starting today 😂) I've dropped two videos, two mixtapes, four singles, rey drop another tape any second now 😅 anddd, besides the music I've gotten my MBA, learned a ton of crazy (but necessary) lessons, moved from my hometown to another state, currently maintaining 6 beautiful brands and just found overall, what feels like, never ending peace. I told my producer like, nigga, this almost too much peace 😂 But I wouldn't have it any other way. I saw a lot of bullshit over the years but I choose to remain focused on the positives and what is working instead of what may seem to need a bit of restructuring. Notice I didn't say what's not working, I'm not the type to give up. If I say it's going to happen, it's going to happen, just whenever God permits. I've learned to count my failures as wins too because when you

The Goddess of Love

What does that mean? That means I'm ruled by love. I move with love. I do with love. I am love. Life is better when you choose to love. Spite and pettiness cause negativity that taints YOUR energy. And karma is real. So why on Earth would you want to be any other way? By no means am I a role model, but I think people could take a page out of my book when it comes to being a honest and genuine person. Some people are so miserable that they don't even recognize how their trash ways affect others, but most importantly, themselves. Everything we say; everything we do are reflections of ourselves. Whom and how you hurt, it darkens that person's aura just as much as it subconsciously darkens yours. We didn't decide to be here. We didn't ask for the life we were given. But our mothers chose to bring us into this world. This fucked up fucking world. And we're all just lost in it... So if you could be one tiny light in the middle of the forest, well... wouldn't you